"The nature of what we do attracts the best and the brightest from all corners of this campus."

-Danielle Lay, Portfolio Advisor

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Welcome Class of 2021!

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Applications due Oct 12, 11:59pm

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Any business-oriented undergraduate student at NU is welcome to apply to Student Holdings. We pride ourselves on building diverse teams, and no previous experience is necessary.


In case you missed our Info Sessions, here are the positions we are recruiting for!


Operations managers work to improve the sustainability of companies, creating tools and processes to overcome points of problem. They serve as the building blocks for all company’s operations.


Sales Managers are in charge of customer acquisition and relationship building, as well as moving a sale from an initial inquiry to final order. They play integral roles in securing revenues for companies.


Tech Managers work in the intersection of business and software development, developing critical software that advances sales and operational goals across SH's portfolio.

People Operations

People Operations managers ensure that the organization runs as a fully functional, self-sustained non-for-profit and that our people are happy and fully reaching their potential within Student Holdings.


Finance managers are responsible for keeping financial records, constructing financial projections, and providing analytical support to drive company’s decision-making processes.


Marketing managers take a multidisciplinary approach to brand management, lead generation and strategic partnerships to help grow our businesses and the organization as a whole.

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